Wondering about the best way to teach kids and Adults how to read the Quran and other Arabic texts?

The Qaeda Al Noorania is a method that is designed just for the purpose. What is unique about it is that it teaches the alphabet, the correct pronunciation and even the tajweed rules of the Quran at the same time.

The Author:

The book was originally conceived by Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani, born in the year 1841 in Punjab, India. The work was later translated to Arabic and the script was changed to that of the Madinah Mushaf and published in 1998 by Muhammad Faruq Ar Ra’ii. It has been popular worldwide ever since due to its unique teaching methodology and effectiveness.

Age Range:

The book is ideal for Both children and adults, especially non-Arabs looking to learn the alphabet or to correct their pronunciation or tajweed.The Qaeda Noorania covers 95% of the tajweed rules of the Quran, which will help the child read with the correct Makharij.

How to Use it:

The original idea is that a teacher takes the student through the book reading out the alphabets and words for him and making him repeat after him until he perfects the pronunciation.

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